Big Horn County

Beginning 2014, special districts must file a proposed budget with the Board of County Commissioners by June 1 each year per W.S. 9-1-507.  The report includes the date, time and location if the special district hearing where final action will be taken on the proposed budget.

If the budget is not provided, the commissioners may not approve funding of the special district's mill levy.  

The link below is a document that details the special district budget process. 

Budget Process

Wyoming Department of Audit Reports 2014-2015 

 Board Handbook & Public Funds Handbook

Special District Budgets

Click the special district for which you wish to obtain budget or other information.   The proposed budgets include the date, time and location of the district's budget hearing on the proposed budget.  If there is no link, the budget has likely not been filed with the county but you can call the County Clerk at (307) 568-2357 to see if one has been received since posting this page.

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