Big Horn County Wyoming

Where can I get fingerprinted?

Sometimes your job or participation in a group or activity requires that you be fingerprinted. Contact the Big Horn County Sheriff's Officer Community Services Officer for fingerprints at 568-2324 prior to coming down. He will set up a time when you can get your prints done on weekdays between 8:00 -12:00 A.M. And 1:00- 4:00 P.M.

1. Bring a Photo ID
2. Bring $5.00 cash
3. Bring your fingerprint cards

Come into the main entrance of the Sheriff's Office and check in with the Dispatch Center

ADMINISTRATIVE SERVICES: Tickets, Reports and Permits

How do I obtain a copy of an arrest record, a background check, an event report or a call for service report?
• Contact the Big Horn County Sheriff Administrative Assistant for more information. Some information requests cannot be honored due to state statute.

• How do I get a protection order?

• Protection orders are issued by a judge and are intended to protect those who fear for their own safety. Essentially, a protection order prohibits an individual from an action that is likely to cause harm; usually, a protection order prevents any contact or communication between two or more people.

What do I do if I get a ticket?

All Citations issued by the Big Horn County Sheriff's Office are payable at Circuit Court either in Basin or the Lovell Circuit court at the Annex in Lovell.

Citations issued by Greybull PD, pay them at Greybull town hall, 307-765-9431

Citations issued by Basin PD pay them at Basin town hall, 307-568-3331

Citations issued by WHP, BLM, G&F, call CCS, 307-568-2367


I have a bondable warrant, how can I pay it?

Call Circuit Court South at 307-568-2367

Nuisance Dogs: Wyoming State Statute

Stray Dogs

I picked a stray dog up in the county, can a deputy please come and get it?


So what do I do with it?

Options include: Nearest humane shelters are Cody, Powell, and Worland. Release the dog back where you found it. Or adopt the animal, and we'll call if someone calls in looking for it.

How long can I legally drive a vehicle, after purchasing it, before I have to register it?

-Within 45 days if transferred from and temporary license permits issued by a licensed dealer

-Within 45 days if transferred by an out-of-state dealer

-Within 45 days if transferred and the bank is holding the title, and you can drive on a notarized Bill of Sale making sure it states the financial institution that holds that title.

-Within 30 days for private party/individual transfers when accompanied by a properly executed title for the vehicle transferring interest in the vehicle to the new owner.

VIN Checks

Can a deputy come to my house for a vin check?

If Time allows, depending on other activities going on in the county, Yes, a Deputy can come to your house to do a Vin Check. However, it is a low priority request, and may not be responded to up to and sometimes beyond 72 hours.

Deputies phone numbers and schedules

Under normal circumstances we do not give out cell numbers, nor personal numbers. As schedules are ever changing, we do not give out schedule information.

Someone has hit a deer, it is still alive, can I dispatch the deer?

No, only law enforcement may do so.

Can a deputy or officer come unlock my vehicle for me?

Unless someone is trapped inside the vehicle, we do not provide lockout services, I can give the information for a locksmith or tow company

Can you tell me who this vehicle belongs to?! they are parked on my part of the sidewalk?

We can not give out that information. We can investigate and if it is on your property, we can have it towed.

Why are you asking so many questions?! Just send help!

We have people headed your way, I need to keep you on the line to make  sure my deputies and officers have the most up to date and accurate information regarding this incident.

We 'team' dispatch, one dispatcher will be on the phone with the 911 caller while another is paging people out, ie, ambulance, fire and/or law enforcement.   

We need to ask, re-ask, and re-ask again some questions to make sure our deputies and officers are safe.

Miscellaneous FAQ's

What is a charge?

  • A charge is an accusation that a crime has been committed and is the starting point for the criminal justice system. Being charged does not necessarily indicate guilt; only a court can make that decision.
    • Charges may be brought through an:
      • Arrest at a crime scene or following/during the investigation of a crime
      • Arrest based on a warrant issued by a judge in response to a sworn complaint
      • Arrest based on an indictment by a grand jury

What is the difference between a criminal case and a civil case?

Civil cases are generally brought by private individuals or corporations seeking to collect money owed or monetary damages. A criminal case is brought by the local, state or federal government in response to a suspected violation of law and seeks a fine, a jail sentence or both.