Big Horn County

Information and disclaimer

In early summer of 2010 the Big Horn County Commissioners were approached to execute an Oil and Gas Lease for a portion of the county’s mineral interest. Discussion ensued regarding what other mineral interest the county may have and how it was acquired. As the information had never been complied the Commissioners decided to hire consultants to do the research. A cooperative project began between the county offices of the Treasurer, Clerk, and Attorney. Old tax and Commissioners deeds were researched and it was determined that the majority of the interest came from depression era tax sales. When the land was resold by the County a portion of the mineral estate was reserved. These interests range from 2% to 84%. There were also a few incidents of mineral deeds given directly to the county. Historical county oil and gas leases contained in the Commissioners files were also researched as a cross check of the tax deed information. The Commissioners now have a complete set of files with title information from patent to present on all identified parcels. Additional parcels may be found in the future as more private research is done in the Big Horn Basin area.

While the information was being compiled the Commissioners enlisted the services of an Oil and Gas Attorney to create a “Master Lease” form for the county. This will promote fairness as well as saving time and expense to the Commissioners and County Attorney to negotiate every lease that is presented to the county. The leasing process as well as a PDF copy of the county oil and gas lease is available.

Click Here For Lease Process Map

Click Here for Example Standard Oil and Gas Lease Form

Big Horn County has a fractional mineral interest in approximately 4250 gross acres. This is as of research completed September 7, 2011. A county wide map book is available in PDF form. The first page of the map book is an entire picture of Big Horn County as related to the reserved county minerals; the next following pages are specific to each township and range containing the reserved county minerals within that township and range.

Mineral Map Book

Big Horn County specifically states that figures and representations are estimates and assumes no liability for representations made on county mineral interest maps or website. We encourage all private and or government entities to retain proper legal representation and have private research done to make full determination of interest.