Big Horn County Wyoming

Concealed weapons permits are handled through the Sheriff's Executive Assistant. Applications for initial permits and renewals can be picked up at the Sheriff's Office in Basin or at the Lovell PD.


1. An application will be given to anyone who requests it, along with a copy of the statute and this instruction sheet explaining what is necessary to apply for a CFP.

2. The applicant will bring the completed form back to the Sheriff’s Office to be notarized, or you may have the form notarized with another agency. Please bring the following with you:

Proof of firearm safety and proficiency

Hunter Safety Card,
or Completion of a handgun class
or Military DD214 form from the military.

The applicant will be fingerprinted

(Please call the Sheriff’s Office at 568-2324 to set up an appointment for fingerprinting)

The applicant will pay using two separate money orders:
1. Money order made payable to DCI for $64.00
2. Money order made payable to Big Horn County Sheriff for $15.00.

The applicant will be given a copy of the application when leaving the Sheriff’s Office. The applicant will take this copy to the Driver’s License office to have your photo taken.

You will be notified when your Concealed Firearm Permit arrives. The applicant must appear in person at the Sheriff’s office to pick up the permit. Please bring a photo ID with you.

Concealed Firearm Permit – Renewal

When you have completed the attached renewal form for a concealed firearm permit, please have your signature notarized, either at the Sheriff’s Office or with another notary.

Bring the completed form to the Sheriff’s Office, along with two money orders for the following:

3. One money order payable to the Big Horn County Sheriff for $5.00.
4. One money order payable to Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) for $45.00

You will be given a copy of the application to be delivered to the Dept of Transportation, Drivers License Office in order to get your picture taken

The Sheriff’s Office will notify you when your new permit arrives. Please bring the expired permit with you, along with your drivers’ license when you pick up the new permit.


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